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Highline's Advising Network

Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors are key to student success! Students are highly encouraged to contact a faculty advisor to explore your transfer major, or career interests. Some certificate and degree programs may require faculty advising for graduation, or exceptions.

To officially request a faculty advisor assignment, complete this online form: Advisor Request Form. You will be matched to an advisor based on your degree and area of study you are interested in pursuing. 

You do not need to be officially assigned to an advisor in order to speak with an advisor. Your current instructors are great resources. They may share their tips for academic success, tell you more about studying in their field, or connect you with resources. Faculty contacts are listed on the Programs A to Z page. A generalist academic advisor in the Advising Center can also help connect you with a faculty advisor based on your area of interest.

Funding Advisor

Many students receive assistance paying for college expenses through a funding source. If you are receiving help through Financial Aid, Workforce Education, WorkFirst, VA, or Running Start, we encourage you to stay in contact with the department or advisor who is knowledgeable on your funding requirments. We recommend checking in on your status once per quarter.

Special Programs

There are a wide variety of programs that offer advising on campus including the Honors Programs, cultural learning communities, International Student Programs, High School Completion, MESA, TRIO, Umoja Black Scholars, AANAPISI, Puente. A general advisor can connect you with these specialized, supportive advisors based on your needs and interests.

Contact us at or (206) 592-3584 for help identifying an advisor who can meet your needs.