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New Student Navigators

(not pictured: Zeinab)

Here to help guide and support you through the orientation session and during your first year at Highline, these fellow T-Birds are here for you! They understand what it is to be new at HC and want to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Meet your Navigators!

           Ahmed                         Kate                      Faduma                         Karen                         Khadija             Zeinab

Be a New Student Navigator

Navigating students through New Student Orientation, providing campus tours, and executing student retention efforts throughout the quarters are what these Navigators specialize in. They also provide peer mentorship and guidance to new students as they embark on their new college journey. If you are a student who is looking to get paid having fun meeting new students and providing support, this is a job for you!

- Navigators are the face of Highline for new students on campus!
- Navigators are student leaders who help run our New Student Orientation sessions, getting new T-Birds   
  excited about Highline, and providing support/mentorship.
- Navigators lead student retention and completion efforts to new and first year students.