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Academic Standards

To graduate from Highline College, you must earn a minimum college-level cumulative GPA of 2.0. The Academic Standards Policy helps students be informed of their academic progress and connect with resources for success. Please read the catalog to review the policy.

The college will contact you when your quarterly or cumulative GPA is below the standard of 2.0.  You may need to take actions to improve your academic performance. See academic advising for assistance or questions about your status.

Probation (PB)

If you are on Academic Probation, we encourage you to complete at least one, if not all three of the following: 1) login to Canvas and complete the Academic Success module, 2) attend a Thrive Student Success workshop, or 3) see a professional or faculty advisor to develop an academic success plan. A block (A1) is placed on future registration until these requirements are met. (International Student Programs must see your ISP advisor.)

Next Thrive Workshop: Tuesday, Feb. 26th 6:00 - 7:00 pm in Building 2

Suspension (SU)

If your quarterly and cumulative GPAs are below 2.0 for the second time in a row, you are on Academic Suspension. If this is your first time on Suspension, you have the option to take one quarter off to address any issues that may be impacting your ability to focus on your classes. Or, remain enrolled and participate in an alternative to the one quarter suspension, which includes a series of check-ins during the quarter which must be completed in Canvas. If you choose to remain enrolled, you must login to Canvas and complete the assignments in the Suspension Alternative course by the due dates, or a hold will be placed on your future registration. If instead you choose to take one quarter break, make sure you have withdrawn from your classes and considered any requirements of special programs or funding sources - if applicable.

If your quarterly and cumulative GPAs continue to be below the standard, and you earn below 2.0 for three or more quarters, you may be placed on Suspension for one year/four quarters. You may submit an appeal to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services and appear before the Scholastic Review Committee.

Returning from Suspension: If you return after one year, we want to be sure you are connected to an advisor or counselor who can assist and support you before you register. Contact advising for assistance.

For Faculty and Professional Advisors

Advisors can use the advising tool to view a student's record, which includes Academic Probation or Suspension status. After grades post, students should receive an email notifying them of their academic status and the steps they need to take to resolve any registration blocks associated with the policy. In addition to helping students develop strategies for academic success, please refer them to their Highline email to review their next steps and requirements. If you have advised a student who is on academic probation, please note this in the Advising Tool and email us to request removal of the advising block if needed.

Contact or (206) 592-3584 with any questions or for help.